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Replacement product for the color Sterling Grey marble (product code color ml)

Replacement product for the color Sterling Grey marble (product code color ml)

Product replacement for certain Cobbles and Random pattern stone colors that contain the color Sterling Grey Marble (ml) and Sterling Grey Marble blends (xl, xo, xi and xj) 

Island Stone is  experiencing a temporary shortage of select colors of stone due to weather affecting access to the roads that lead to one stone mine. Island  Stone is assisting by investing in local infrastructure in Indonesia to help our team regain access to the roads they need to reach the quarry and support the local mining business.

While we are working to regain access to the Sterling Grey marble, we’ve also identified comparable stones to offer as alternatives. Manufacturing is already underway for these options, and they have begun shipping to our U.S. warehouses.

Below is a list of the products followed by photos showing the two colors side by side.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about my existing order? Our team will contact you if any of your current orders are affected. Please reach out to us if you would like immediate assistance.

Can I get a sample? Yes. Please reach out to us if you would like to see a sample. 

How much does it cost? The cost of the new replacement product is the same as the existing product.

What about merchandising? We will be sending out a merchandising package with all of the new products over the next several months. Contact your sales representative for more information. 

When will the replacement product arrive? Replacement products are currently in transit to our warehouses. It will take several months to achieve full inventory levels.

What if I want to wait for the original product? We are not certain when the original stones  will be available again so we cannot guarantee delivery date.

Large Photos (New, replacement product on the left and existing, original product on the right):

New rp3jg compared to existing rp3ml

Frequently Asked Questions:

New rp3xljg compared to existing rp3xl

rp3xljg Cobbles Sterling Megamix JG Tumbled compared to rp3xl Cobbles Sterling Megamix Tumbled flat pebble tile look

New rp3xijg compared to existing rp3xi

rp3xijg Cobbles Sterling Grey Quartz JG Tumbled compared to rp3xi Cobbles Sterling Grey and Quartz Tumbled.jpg

 New rp3xojg compared to existing rp3xo

rp3xojg Cobbles Motley Grey JG Tumbled compared to rp3xo Cobbles Motley Grey Tumbled

New rp3xjjg compared to existing rp3xj

rp3xjjg Cobbles Multi Grey & Quartz JG Tumbled compared to rp3xj Cobbles Multi Grey & Quartz Tumbled