Pebble Tile Mosaics

Our Pebble collection is built from stones sourced from a myriad of exotic locations, then sorted by color and shape before being meticulously hand placed into interlocking patterns. The seamless natural surface adds shimmering elegance to a wide variety of interior and exterior spaces. Discover the first and still the highest quality and diverse range of pebble mosaics in the world.


Organic elegance at its finest, this smoothly surfaced mosaic tile is created from a diverse range of exotic marble and quartz. Available in either monochromatic or variegated color palettes.

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Expertly crafted to be flawlessly flat, these tiles balance the design aesthetic of natural curves with the comfort of a smooth, seamless surface. Featuring a palette of monochromatic neutrals and bold mixes, Level Pebble provides inspiration for a variety of décors.

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Impeccably smooth and brilliantly versatile, our original pebble mosaic tile is created with exotic stones hand placed in a tightly interlocked pattern. The resulting seamless surface is unparalleled in consistency of size, color and flatness.

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The raw, organic appeal of nature is harnessed into a strikingly sleek flat pebble surface. Engineered to the highest tolerance, these fluid patterns feature a clean, consistent grout line, uniform edges and a smooth surface.

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This inspirational perspective creates a profile of varying pebble heights uniformly arranged in a sleek horizontal line. Designed to add dimension and contemporary style to applications from accent walls to water features.

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Strip Pebble celebrates natural materials with its uniquely modern design. This distinctive fusion of organic and geometric elements features individual curved stones set in a dynamic linear pattern.

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