Dimensional Stone Tile

Avant-garde design achieved through thoughtful engineering blurs the lines between design and fine art. Dramatic shapes are sculpted from beautiful natural stones interlocking to create showstopping surfaces with diverse designs equally appropriate for residential and commercial projects.


Slender convex wedges meshed in an offset pattern appear to undulate across the surface of a wall. These subtlety curved surfaces reflect a modern interpretation of elegant natural stems.

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A more diminutive, yet more assertive approach to its rustic sibling, Crescent Mini stone tiles are shorter, more abrupt convex wedges arranged in alternating dimensional patterns that add excitement to surfaces.

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Tapering individual stone wedges with curved surfaces can be arranged in an array of patterns to create boldly dramatic designs or subtle flowing surfaces.

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Elongated dimensional subway tiles, sculpted with an offset angled surface form a flow of connected ridges reminiscent of windswept sand dunes.

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Interwovenpanels leverage Island Stone’s sought-after wedge-shaped stones into a format that accentuates the shadows created by the variation in depth between the highs and lows in the pattern.

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Wedge-shaped squares with a honed surface are woven together to create an angular relief suggesting sharply peaked waves.

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Placed in a timeless chevron pattern, precision cut stone rhomboids with a uniquely curved and tapered surface create a dramatic woven texture across a wall.

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Sculpted into rhomboids, these precision cut stones feature a tapered, angle relief with lightly tumbled edges. The interlocking hexagonal pattern results in a three-dimensional array of elegant complexity.

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Precipice panels create a linear stone surface, accentuated by variations in surface depth. These ledger panels are created from slender strips of varying lengths and thickness adhered together in an offset, interlocking pattern.

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Slender stone strips featuring a center apex that elegantly tapers down each side are placed in a subtle offset pattern to create a sense of visual movement. Exotic stones with distinct personalities make a bold statement in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Frequently described as stone woven across a wall, Rustic is distinguished by an organic textured relief created by juxtaposing wedge strips of stone. The natural textures and tonal variations create a dramatic focal point.

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Honed stone wedges placed in an interlocking pattern create a smooth undulating surface that flows effortlessly across a wall. A narrower version of its counterpart, the linear tiles offer a diverse range of stacked applications.

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Wedge relief strips juxtaposed against elegant strips create a dynamic interplay between flat and dimensional surfaces that flow linearly across a wall.

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A larger format mosaic featuring square shaped tiles with a directional wedge relief are positioned in diverging directions to create a dramatic modern surface.

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