Glass Tile and Mosaics

Inspired by the colors, patterns, surfaces and intangible beauty of the natural world, Island Stone glass tiles bring the delicate symmetry of nature into a curated collection of original glass tiles and mosaics.


Designed to mimic water, this distinctly textured surface creates subtle movement. The collection includes classic subway and mosaic tiles in tones inspired by the beauty of nature.

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Offered in a versatile color range, these modern, extended hexagon mosaics create a clean, sophisticated surface. Tiles are available in both matte and gloss finishes.

Discover Elongated Hexagon


This ubiquitous naturally occurring shape offers a timeless appeal that seamlessly balances a classic design aesthetic with a modern appeal. Offered in a versatile color range and available in both matte and gloss finishes.

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Glass Essentials emulate nature’s subtle shades with our most beautiful, original colors offered in a curated range of popular patterns and finishes.

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Inspired by the natural variations of concrete, these glossy-surfaced subway tiles feature hues blended in subtle, mesmerizing patterns.

Discover Impressions


A paradoxically cool line of glass mosaics incorporating iridescent and undulating surfaces playing with the concept of light reflecting in water. The shimmery look is sensual and inviting, ideal for pools, showers and other water applications.

Discover Lava Glass


A modern iteration of the quintessential chevron features slender, tapering shapes that dance fluidly across a surface.

Discover Palms


Radiating old-world beauty, these modern subway tiles feature abstract speckles and cloud-like wisps, each offering a distinct interplay of color and light.

Discover Patina Glass


Enter the realm of Illusions, where Italian craftsmanship manifests in a symphony of color and light.

Discover Illusions


A classic mosaic that is making a bold comeback with our modern glass colors that bring a timeless aesthetic to your project.

Discover Penny Rounds


In a sleek and striking interpretation of nature’s raw appeal, the eye-catching shapes and organic style of stone pebbles are re-imagined in a glass form.

Discover Spindrift


A bold, larger format design featuring elegantly tapering mosaic patterns that brings a contemporary look to a feature wall or surface.

Discover Waveline