Textured Stone Tile

Sourced from across the globe, natural stones are cut, textured, and interlocked in unique designs. The finished designs showcase each stone's distinct attributes. Suitable for interior or exterior environments..


Exotic stones finished with a dramatic chipped face create a rugged surface that forges a boldly natural wall display. Their slender subway format adds classic elegance.

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The rustic-yet-clean look of split-face, tightly stacked stone with a classic chiseled style is an ideal choice for enhancing a wide range of walls in both interior and exterior spaces.

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Slender strips in varying lengths are tightly interlocked to create a surface with a unique refined appeal and subtle texture. This versatile tile brings natural sophistication to applications.

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Differing widths of stone strips in an offset pattern create a subtly distinctive surface. The dynamic of the stone, with its slight variation in thickness add dimension, while tonal shifts bring visual interest.

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Precision cut rectangular tiles are hand-selected for texture and color to highlight the unique beauty of each individual stone. A split face surface adds an earthy vibe to contemporary installations.

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Light and shadow interplay on the hand chipped textural surface of narrow Uniform tiles to add dimensional interest on vertical surfaces. The juxtaposition of rugged surfaces with sophisticated interlocking shapes creates eye-catching drama with gray and white stone.

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