Timber Tile

Fall in love with the rugged beauty of reclaimed wood. Salvaged from ancient buildings and reborn in our exquisite modern wall panels and cladding, Island Timber offers authentic premier Indonesian teak in clean formats designed to be easily applied to walls.


Repurposing timber salvaged from tropical Indonesian buildings, these slender tiles with a tapering relief mesh together to weave across a wall. This modern take on distressed teak is exquisite in both painted and natural surfaces.

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Sleek multi-toned reclaimed teak planks in a large format infuse rustic style with modernity. The beauty of distressed wood in showcased in its full scope of natural hues.

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Varying sizes of reclaimed teak strips in random combinations bring a contemporary approach to a distressed material. The meshed back interlocking pattern creates an elegantly lustrous surface that highlights tonal ranges in the wood.

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