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Handy Apps for Tile Installers

Handy Apps for Tile Installers

Installing Insta-worthy tile requires an artistic eye and precise hands.

Creating the perfect look can be daunting—but luckily, there’s a gaggle of apps that make it easier to get the job done. Here are the ones we think every tile installer should have in their back pocket: 




Use this app to visualize wall tile layouts, down to the finishing touches. After you’ve selected your tile pattern and size, the app will generate a line drawing. Then you can add features, like faucets or cabinets—change colors and even import images. 

Bonus points: Your final drawing is put onto a specification format, which you can add notes to and share via email. 

Pro tip: There’s a library full of patterns and shapes commonly used for kitchens and bathrooms. Use that as a starting point to save time. 



If you have a few specific tiles already in mind, this app is great for comparing how they’d each look in your space. It uses augmented reality to help you see what tiles would look in a space. Scan the room with your smartphone camera, then place a ‘virtual swatch’ of the tile you’re considering. 

Bonus points: As you’re testing out various tiles, you can bookmark your favorite picks with a heart. If you can want to capture one of the previews, use the app to capture a quick video, which you can share via Instagram (as a post or private message). 

Pro tip: Like the name suggests, this app was designed for paint colors, too. You can also use it to test out wallpapers. 


Floor Covering

Create the perfect layout by entering the dimensions or your workspace, tiles, groutline, and pattern. This app will turn that into an interactive rendering. You can move the tiles around with your finger, until they’re perfectly placed. 

Bonus points: This handy app displays the total number of tiles and cut tiles, so you know precisely what you’re working with.

Pro tip: This app lets you duplicate projects, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. 


Maticad Tile Calculator

Before you buy any materials in bulk, this app makes for a great gut check on your math. Enter some basic info about your project and the algorithms will take it from there. You’ll get a calculation of what you need, and how much. 

Bonus points: This app features nearly 200 common patterns, which you can use as your starting point to save time. Once you’ve created your plan, this app lets you share it via email. 

Pro tip: You can also use this app to plan flooring schemes with marble, stone, hardwood and laminate.