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All About Island Stone's Lava Glass

All About Island Stone's Lava Glass

Despite the molten-hot temperatures, there is something inherently cool about lava. Humans have been fascinated by - and tried to contain - volcano events for years, but the powerful magma just keeps coming back for more. And while we typically picture lava as heavy, black and red gloop, lava has several different classifications. It’s in this diversity that Island Stone sought to harness the intrigue and iridescence of lava that captivates us, and give it the cool and coastal vibe that Island Stone is known for. 

Opalescent and undulating mosaics make up the four Lava Glass varieties of our new glass tile collection. While it’s a tile that can be used in a number of applications - Lava Glass is really a pool’s best friend. Varied surface texture and ripples of shimmer play with the light in the water, making you feel like a mermaid in a lagoon. Island Stone’s Lava Glass tile creates a sensual wetscape that transforms your pool, spa, shower, or water feature. Featuring Island Stone’s specialty back paint that’s applied at over 1,025 degrees Fahrenheit, the fused glass tile emulates brilliant, pearlescent color spanning the light and dark tones of each across a single mosaic.

“Lava Glass tiles give the illusion of glimmering water, that unmistakable aesthetic of sunlight and motion reflecting and echoing across its rippling surface,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO for Island Stone. “The effect is sensual and transportive, naturally evoking the relaxed feel we experience in and around the water.”

Developed by glass tile experts, Lava Glass is highly durable, meeting or exceeding all industry requirements for use in exterior freeze-thaw environments and submerged applications found in ANSI A137.2

The tiles come in six colors—Burning Ice, Cool Tropics, Deep Flow, Hazy Wave, Liquid Rock, and Solid Ash—evoking the blues and greens of island waters.

Available mosaics include 1″ x 1″ straight set and 1” x 2” offset, along with corresponding 1” x 2” V-cap trim. The tiles are suitable for interior walls, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace walls (not in firebox), shower walls, exterior walls, and pools, spas, and water features.

All About Island Stone Lava Glass