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2021 Trends to Watch For

2021 Trends to Watch For

Design consultant, Cathy Aroz, on 2021 trends and her partnership with Island Stone

There are many reasons we’re happy to say goodbye to 2020, and look forward to a better 2021 both inside and outside the home. And while much is still unpredictable this year, we’re working with some of the best industry experts to predict the trends we’ll see in 2021. We owe the diversity of our brand to the work we do with various designers, each bringing their own unique viewpoints and backgrounds to the table as we craft new collections. 

Island Stone Cathy Aroz

Cathy Aroz, a respected and talented tile designer in San Diego, is just one of the artists that help bring ingenuity and innovation to the Island Stone brand. Her keen eye and impeccable taste make her the perfect source to get the inside scoop on design trends for 2021. 

Soft, Eased Edges and Curves

2020 was harsh. So in 2021 we’re yearning for the softer side of things. Undulating curves will replace abrupt lines and sharp corners. Hazy edges let us open up to more possibilities and as Cathy puts it, softer edges make us think of a hug and “we all need a hug.” Ready to create that energy in your space? Check out the vibrations of our Ripple tile, and the gooey undertones of our new Lava Collection.

Island Stone’s Patina Collection is a show-stopping adaptation of this trend. Watercolor effects on modern glass tile give an ethereal spirit while featuring the comfort and familiarity of old-world antiquity. 

Warmth in Color and Finish

Island Stone Patina Collection Evening Onyx

Neutrals have been reigning in design for too long. We can expect adopting more colors into our palettes. Just take a look at the 2021 Colors of the Year from Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore. “Color, whether in warm or cool tones, gives a feeling of warmth and ease,” says Cathy. Color will be amplified with diverse textures, matte treatments, and greater selections of woods and metallics to enhance depth and reflectivity. 

Wood design effects are grounding and provide a great foundation for several rooms. Island Stone’s Timber Collection brings in natural warmth of wood and refreshes the space with variation and character. Metallics are on the horizon for Island Stone too. The upcoming Celestial Collection features soft, reflective metallics that give glimmer without being too showy.

Layering it All

Creating a modern but nurturing space requires the mixing and matching diverse styles and design elements. Through layering colors, lines, and surfaces, you can create “an environment that is warm, comforting, and visually interesting,” says Cathy. Designers may be afraid that all these effects will clash, but harmony can be achieved and your space will be made better for it. 

Curious how to marry these elements without mess? Take a look at Island Stone’s flat lay mood boards.