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#TileTuesday: Interview with CEO Nigel Eaton

#TileTuesday: Interview with CEO Nigel Eaton

It’s a special #TileTuesday two-some, with David Fatula and Island Stone CEO, Nigel Eaton. For those new to the Island Stone brand, this #TileTuesday special covered:

Nigel Eaton Tile Tuesday Island Stone CEO

  • History of the company
  • What to expect from Island Stone in the future

The founding of Island Stone revolves around our flagship product, the pebble tile. At the time, large pebble walls or applications required hand-placed pebbles into concrete. During a trip to Bali, Eaton met a team of creators who were placing pebbles onto a mesh mosaic to market pebble tile applications to the Western market.

And while it would eventually become the internationally-renowned Island Stone, the formation of the company started as a simple solution to perfect the work-life balance. The original creators of the pebble mosaics were seeking a way to make a living - a living that let them surf every day and enjoy Indonesia. That bond to nature, adventure, and travel is solidified in the brand today. 

Island Stone Origin Story Pebble Tile

Island Stone became the first company that brought functional pebble tile to the Western market and we continue to lead the industry through refined technology that continually improves the product and installation process. Island Stone’s famous interlocking system was made possible from Eaton’s vision and background in civil engineering. Eaton designed and developed custom machinery to make the pebble mesh mounted, while ensuring a flawless transition from tile to tile. His passion for design and architecture helped inform some of the aesthetic considerations of how they wanted to create a different kind of pebble product. According to Eaton, Bali served as a real inspiration in the design and development of many Island Stone products.

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Where does Eaton see the future of Island Stone? Supporting design innovations and trends in pool tile. Outside of the US, grandiose pools and fountains are landmarks in Europe, Asia, Italy, and other countries. In addition, Eaton loves seeing stone and timber in bedrooms, specifically as wall applications behind headboards.


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