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Red Hot Fireplace Ideas

Red Hot Fireplace Ideas

There’s a bit more chill in that morning air, and pumpkin spice is out in full force. Yup, it’s fall.

This season has us dreaming of cozy nights curled-up by the fireplace. Whether you’re lounging solo or with good company, there’s nothing quite like a glowing hearth to give you that fuzzy feeling. So, why not give your fireplace more than a mantel—and make it an outright statement piece. 

If you’re not sure how to get started, we’re here to help. Here’s some design inspiration to help you turn up the heat on your fireplace:  



If you want your fireplace to make a real statement, consider Parallels V Tile. Its textured, linear design quite literally stands out from flat surfaces. Layer it over an indoor chimney or linear insert, and boom—your room will have a striking yet inviting focal point.

We especially love this tile in Volcano Grey (seen here) because it adds an earthy, natural stone that makes us feel a little more cozy. 


Island Stone Parallels V Tile Fireplace


Pull off that sleek sexiness with Dunes tiles, which are sculpted with an offset angle that creates a tapering trapezoid. The overall look is modern and downright dreamy. 

This tile is available in a few colors, though we like the Sandstone Ocean seen here because it adds a wintry feel that makes you want to curl up around the hearth. 

Island Stone Dunes Fireplace


Shake things up a bit with V Squares, tiles that are wedged in diverging angles to create an eye-catching design you don’t see every day. All those slants reflect light and shadow unevenly, which adds even more visual interest. 

We like these in Tropical White (seen here) because the muted tones really lets the design rightfully take center stage. 

Island Stone V Squares Fireplace


If you’re a minimalist, Rhythms will delight you with its clean edges. When placed en masse, these tiles create a dramatic yet muted effect. What’s more, they manage to add an open, airy feel — helping to harmonize your home even more so. 

While this is available in a few hues, we like it in Sandstone Mint (seen here) because it adds a soft, soothing feel to any room. 


Island Stone Rhythms Fireplace