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Quarantine Blues? Bring the Outdoors In.

Quarantine Blues? Bring the Outdoors In.

With holiday travel plans likely on hold, you may find yourself longing for a getaway. Take advantage of being homebound and bring the outdoors in with cozy wooden treatments.

Wooden wall accents have come a long way since the 1960s paneled eyesore. An ideal design solution for penny pinchers, wooden tile or plank wall treatments are easy to install and can work in a variety of rooms. To elevate the wood treatment without harkening back to days of shag carpet, Island Stone introduced the Timber collection, which is salvaged from ancient Indonesian buildings and reborn in exquisite, modern wall panels and cladding. Made from authentic, premier Indonesian teak, our Timber pieces are designed in clean formats and are easily applied to walls. Here are just a few ways our customers have breathed new life into their space with Timber:

Conference rooms are hardly known for their atmosphere, typically featuring cold accents and ultra-white decor. This inviting use of our Kayu V series may just make you actually want to add another Zoom call to your calendar. Our original Kayu design is a meshed tile arrangement of sleek strips of reclaimed teak designed with a tapering relief. When used en-masse, the result is a breathtaking treehouse, with exquisite ancient Indonesian teak weaved across a wall. While each strip uses decade-old Indonesian teak heartwood, the staggered and textured installation also gives rooms a fresh, modern makeover. 

Thanks to Joanna and Chip Gaines, “shiplap” is now a common accent in many homes. Traditionalists who are looking for an elevated take on the Waco staple should check out our Papan Planks. Bundled together in panels of varying length, Papan Planks create a refined, distressed surface. Not unlike American reclaimed barnwood, our teak panels capture the diverse history of their use offering a range in colors from light golden hues to weathered earthy greys and even smoky, dark surfaces. Large, wide panels make rooms look larger while the organic feel sends you into lakefront cabin fantasyland. 

Those looking for a more dynamic wooden addition will love Rimba. Similar to our Papan Planks, Rimba showcases the distressed beauty of the teak wood in its full scope of natural colors and hues. But instead of one-size planks, Rimba is multiple piece, meshed back tile with an interlocking pattern that creates a random appearance once installed. Looking to inject a little funk? Opt for our Painted Rimba which adds a pop of color (left). Because of its variation and irregular placement, Rimba is ideal for home owners who appreciate natural, fluid decorations and aren’t married to symmetry.