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Creating Timeless Spaces: Kurt Kraisinger & Island Stone

Creating Timeless Spaces: Kurt Kraisinger & Island Stone

In the world of luxury outdoor design, few names resonate as deeply as Kurt Kraisinger. With a career spanning over two decades, Kraisinger has become a vanguard in the landscape architecture and luxury pool design industry.

And Island Stone has been at his side along the way. This relationship with Island Stone stretches back years, with Kraisinger incorporating our products in numerous projects.

His firm, Lorax Design Group, is a landscape and planning firm based in Overland Park, Kansas, that embodies his passion for creating spaces that foster connections with nature. Equally significant is Tributary Revelation, a network of industry leaders that he leads, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor living design. Together these organizations stand testament to Kraisinger’s commitment to excellence and innovation in creating premier outdoor living spaces.

But for him, the most important piece of creating a design that resonates is the people he works with.

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This maxim that governs his approach is personified by his relationship with Island Stone. For Kraisinger and his team at Lorax, collaboration is important for realizing design excellence.

“We want to see how it's made,” said Kraisinger. “We want to see what the availabilities are, we want to ask the tough questions.”

It’s important for Kraisinger to partner with companies that can match his level of client commitment, viewing it as essential for business growth and a well-matched service dynamic. Island Stone has met this call, providing the level of insight, responsiveness, and quality that Kraisinger values deeply, affirming the partnership that drives our shared success in the world of luxury pool design.

“We're really responsive — and patient — with our clients. And it’s remarkable when the companies we work with and spec often are on that same level of service,” he added.

As projects from Lorax Design Group and collaborations with Tributary Revelation continue redefining luxury outdoor spaces, partners like Island Stone become increasingly crucial. Our materials are not just building blocks but are integral parts of the story Kraisinger and his team aspire to tell — one of innovation, sustainability, and beauty that endures. This shared dedication to excellence and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction cements the bond between Kraisinger's vision and Island Stone's craftsmanship, ensuring that together, we set the standard for the future of luxury outdoor design.

And nowhere is that shared dedication more personal than in Kraisinger ‘s latest project: renovating his backyard into a luxury pool showcase. He plans to use a variety of Island Stone tiles, including the Lava Glass collection, to create a space that serves as a personal oasis and as an inspiration for clients and designers alike. One tile in particular was on the must-have list for Kraisinger: Sukabumi Select.

Sukabumi Select and Lava Glass Collections


“In 2019, I went out to Bali to see the Island Stone facility, and it was spectacular,” said Kraisinger. “And I said to The Island Stone Team, ‘Man I want to get my hands on Sukabumi tile for a project.’ and he's like, just wait. This was well before it was available.”

“I didn't know at the time that I'd be entertaining putting it on my own project.”


Island Stone Bali FacilityIsland Stone’s Facility in Bali

 Travel is a big part of where Kraisinger finds inspiration — he doesn’t just take vacations but journeys of discovery. He makes it a point to visit other resorts to see as much of what other designers are doing as possible. This dedication to exploration allows him to harvest a wealth of design cues from seeing things in person—details that were done even 20 years ago or unique water features, for example.

"In the Midwest, we're so conservative with pool design," he said. "But as we educate more, we realize people are open to trying something different."

His philosophy is about breaking barriers, about showing that infinity edges and perimeter overflow pools can find their home even in Kansas City, where such innovations were once thought impractical.

The magic lies in the details, and for Kraisinger, there's a universe within each tile, each rolled edge, each jet of water.

"We always try to tell a client there are a dozen different ways you can detail a waterline tile."

This is where his firm's innovation shines—through a comprehensive database that serves as a wellspring of inspiration, showcasing myriad design possibilities that cater to every whim and fancy.

But it's not just about aesthetics; it's about the tactile, lived experience of comfort and ease that luxury design promises. Kraisinger speaks of hot tubs not as mere features but as sanctuaries tailored to the human form, with jets flush with the back wall and designs allowing the neck to naturally lay back.

Each project that Kraisinger and his team embark upon is a testament to their commitment to creating personalized and unique spaces.

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“If you look at 12 different projects of ours side by side, each would be distinct," he said, underscoring the tailored approach that has become his signature.

This dedication to customization and innovation weaves a narrative that transforms spaces into stories of relaxation, nature, and the pure joy of bespoke design. It's a narrative where every detail counts and every client's dream has the space to flourish into something spectacularly real. Even when that client is himself.

Kraisinger's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of relationships in the design industry. His connection with Island Stone goes beyond product selection; it's about mutual respect, shared vision, and a commitment to quality.

As Kraisinger looks to the future, his excitement for the backyard renovation project is palpable. It will serve as a living portfolio of his design philosophy and Island Stone's product versatility and stand as a beacon of inspiration for those looking to elevate their outdoor living spaces.

Stay connected and be part of this exciting journey with Kurt Kraisinger, Lorax Design Group, and Island Stone as we create spaces that inspire, endure, and transform the landscape of luxury outdoor living. Stay tuned for updates on his home project throughout 2024.