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Transforming Spaces with Vanessa Ford: A Story of Color, Light, and Island Stone's Lava Glass

Transforming Spaces with Vanessa Ford: A Story of Color, Light, and Island Stone's Lava Glass

In the bustling heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Vanessa Ford stands at the forefront of residential interior design, embarking on a journey to transform homes into reflections of their inhabitants. Her full-service residential interior decorating studio, Vanessa Ford Interiors, recently undertook a project that challenged the conventional and highlighted the studio's commitment to bringing dreams to life. 

This story unfolds with a daring use of Island Stone’s Lava Glass tiles, turning a family bathroom into a testament to creativity, functionality, and the transformative power of design.

Bathroom before photo
Pre-renovation Photos of the Bathroom

The Challenge: A Quick Turnaround with a Bold Vision

The project landed on Vanessa's desk with urgency — a family, fresh off the excitement of acquiring a new home, sought to personalize their space ahead of their impending move-in date. Among the various rooms earmarked for renovation was a bathroom designated for the family's youngest members.

This client knew they needed help, so that they could move in ASAP after the holidays,” said Vanessa.“They wanted something that was family-friendly, delightful, and sophisticated, but they didn't want it to look like a kid's room."

The clients desired a space that was not only functional and kid-friendly but also a departure from the mundane, a space that shimmered with personality and charm. 

“They were into the more interesting options than the usual ones,” said Vanessa. “They asked for color, jewel tones, texture, and personality."

Vanessa, who believes that design is an evolving story and that flexibility is key to creating spaces that truly resonate with their owners, was ready to step up to the plate. She put together a design built around a mosaic wall with shimmering teal tile as the focal point.

“They just were obsessed with it," said Vanessa.

MH Project Flatlay Lava Glass
MH Project Flatlay Featuring Island Stone’s Lava Glass Collection

Embracing Color and Texture with Island Stone

Vanessa's design philosophy — creating spaces that echo the inhabitants’ essence — found perfect harmony with the client’s vision. They craved color, depth, and a touch of the unconventional. With the design sorted, she wondered where to source the tile — and fast.

This led Vanessa to Island Stone, a company she’d never partnered with before.

Vanessa Ford Quote

With their captivating glow, the Lava Glass tiles proved the perfect choice. They embody the clients’ love for color and texture and transform an otherwise simple bathroom into a sanctuary of style and personal expression.

Known for their iridescent sheen and textured surface, Lava Glass tiles encapsulated the joy and vibrancy the family wanted to infuse into their home. The bathroom, showcasing a bold teal color, was transformed by adding these tiles in an ombre pattern, creating a focal point that was eye-catching and elegantly sophisticated.

Before and After - MH Project
Before and After - MH Project by Vanessa Ford

The Power of Collaboration and Flexibility

Vanessa's journey with this project underscores the importance of collaboration with her clients and brands like Island Stone. 

“Island Stone was really easy to work with and really responsive,” said Vanessa. “They were able to provide the tile pretty much immediately. We were on such a tight timeline, and they coordinated it on their end to make it really easy for us.”

Island Stone’s role in this story was pivotal. Their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate provided the materials and support needed to bring the vision to life.

MH Project by Vanessa Ford Featuring Island Stone’s Lava Glass Collection
MH Project by Vanessa Ford Featuring Island Stone’s Lava Glass Collection

A Testament to Creative Synergy

This project is a testament to the magic that happens when a designer, client, and product come together in perfect harmony. Vanessa Ford’s use of Island Stone’s Lava Glass tiles is not just a design choice but a statement — a declaration that homes are more than just spaces; they are narratives of the people who live in them, waiting to be told through color, light, and design.

“Design is supposed to be unique to you and your family,” said Vanessa. There’s no better compliment than when a client says, ‘This feels like us.’ And that's exactly what my client said when they saw the finished bathroom.”

Vanessa Ford Interiors continues to champion this belief, creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also deeply personal. As this project beautifully illustrates, the right design choices can transform any space, telling a story of home, harmony, and the endless possibilities of interior design.