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The Artistry and Durability of Lava Glass Pool Tiles

The Artistry and Durability of Lava Glass Pool Tiles

Island Stone is redefining the standards of luxury pool design with our innovative Lava Glass tile collection. Built specifically for use in pools, Lava Glass is broadening the aesthetic appeal and color palette of pools to elevate luxury pool design.

The Lava Glass collection from Island Stone represents a groundbreaking development in glass tile technology. Engineered specifically for the demands of pool environments, Lava Glass blends innovation, artistry, and practicality to set a new benchmark for luxury pool tiles. 

"What we're trying to do with Lava Glass is have a high-end look that is a little bit more accessible to more people. We tried to combine utility with an accessible price point and something spectacular looking."

Lava Glass tiles stand out with their unique iridescent finishes and undulating surface texture, creating an enchanting interplay with light in water.

“The undulation and that texture on the glass, along with the iridescence and how the light travels through it in the water running through the surface,” said David Tovar, Director of Product Management at Island Stone. “It creates a different level of depth and movement.”

These tiles are more than just a visual delight; they are a testament to Island Stone's dedication to offering an expanded color palette with nine captivating options catering to diverse design preferences.

Lava Glass Collection


The Technology Behind Lava Glass Tiles

Lava Glass tiles boast superior technical features. With exceptional bond strength, ease of application, and a slip-resistant finish available on special order, these tiles perform exceedingly well in critical tests, including freeze/thaw, thermal shock, and submerged applications, surpassing industry standards and ensuring longevity and safety in luxury pool environments.

At the core of Lava Glass lies a proprietary double annealing process, heating the glass tiles twice to eliminate internal stresses. This meticulous technique enhances the strength and durability of the tiles, allowing them to withstand freezing, thawing, and prolonged water submersion. The tiles undergo over 150 rigorous test cycles, surpassing industry standards for pool and spa applications outlined in ANSI A137.2.

The raw glass material itself also contributes to the performance of Lava Glass. Opting for 5-6mm thick low iron glass as the starting point ensures enhanced clarity and color vibrancy. The tiles are then back-painted with a specialized fused color layer that integrates with the glass through exposure to 1100°F heat. This back paint provides scratch resistance and a lasting finish.

An etched protective coating facilitates superior bonding between the tile and setting materials. Combined with the alkali-resistant mesh mounting, this allows for reliable installations even in harsh pool environments.

Island Stone's Solid Ash Lava Glass Collection

Solid Ash Lava Glass Collection

Practicality Meets Style

Designed for versatility, Lava Glass tiles are suitable for waterline, submerged, and spa/infinity pool applications. The ease of installation, facilitated by film-faced sheets and the innovative V-Cap Strip, underlines the collection's consideration for installers, addressing the vulnerabilities commonly associated with glass tiles in such settings.

Despite prevailing misconceptions about the durability of glass tiles in pools, Lava Glass transcends these challenges through superior quality and design.

“One of the top three complaints about glass on a pool is bond loss, and that hasn’t been an issue with Lava Glass or any of our glass tiles, actually,” said Fatula. “Cracking is another big complaint, which we haven't seen either. It's just a very durable product.”

By offering a balance between spectacular looks and functional benefits at a cost-effective price point, Lava Glass tile is a superior alternative to other premium tile options, making luxury within reach for a broader audience.

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