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Best Bath: Interview with Allure Designs

Best Bath: Interview with Allure Designs

Q&A with Designer Luz Marina Selles, CKBI of Allure Designs:

What was the inspiration for this bathroom design? 

My inspiration was based on nature. Bringing all the possible elements of nature to my design was my goal. Blissful plants, beautiful river rocks, calming water, and open space were essential motifs in my aesthetic goals for the bathroom.

What inspires you about pebble tile?

I was looking for a design that would make my clients feel as if they were bathing amongst a beautiful river pebble bed. Thankfully, the pebble tile brought me all that I needed for my design. It is a natural stone and this gave the bathroom a nature-based appearance and a relaxing ambiance. 
How did you learn about Island Stone products?

I found the product in one of my provider's showroom, Daltile. The stone design caught the eye of my client, and when she pointed it out I knew it was the perfect choice.

What aspects of the Birds Egg Blend made it your choice for this project?

The soft appearance and the idyllic colors of green, gray, and white helped me bind together the rest of the aspects of my design. The unique sizes and flow of the pebbles complemented the nature-based design.