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Glass Bathrooms to Brighten Your Day

Glass Bathrooms to Brighten Your Day

Spring Beach Rectangles electrify this shower backsplash.

Plaza's round edges soften the rectangular shapes of each individual piece.

Crossroad's unique play on the herringbone pattern creates an eye catching design.

Our natural color palette offers a great opportunity to create subtle blends.

Waveline's distinct non linear pieces make it a popular look. This design took it a step further with custom blend that highlights a few dramatic colors.

The dazzling design of Waveline Min creates a dramatic shower wall.

The timeless appeal of our larger format mosaic, Linear.

Though commonly run horizontally, Boulevard brings a different modern look when run vertically, as this shower exemplifies.

The Spring shower wall is further highlighted against the Pure Silk glass used throughout the rest of this bathroom.

Artifact creates a playful modern backdrop to this eclectic bath and shower setup.