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Briq Launch

Briq Launch

Tile any surface to create a modern brick appeal with Island Stone's new Briq tiles. Now in stock domestically, our newly launched Briqs highlight four of our premier stones in elegant formats and subtle, natural finishes. Briqs are thin brick designs that are installed like tile without the notorious complexities of heavy brick installations. Offered in versatile individual pieces, Briqs can be laid in a myriad of patterns to achieve distinctive floor or wall surfaces.

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Briqs feature an elegant, drawn out design with bullnosed edges that give the product a soft, worn appeal. The natural personalities of each stone type are brought out in the different surface finishes.

The rugged texture of our Indian Sandstone Grey and a new Sandstone Mint Mix are tumbled to soften their natural surface and capture the variation and depth of these renowned stones.

Our Indonesian Tropical White and Tropical Tan feature a refined, honed surface that highlights the raw beauty of these exotic limestone's.

Use/ Benefits

Thickness: At just over ½" in thickness, Briqs provide the ideal balance of being a great option for wall tiling as well as being robust enough for floor use.

Stones: The stones offered in the Briq format have a proven track record as strong stable stones to use as both interior and (with proper sealing) exterior finishes.

Materials: Briqs can be applied using standard natural stone installation materials.

Grout: Briqs can be dry stacked (no grout) or installed with a grout joint and sealed with a desired grout.