1"x 2" Offset Windward Bay Lava

Product Code: lg12wibaL

Our paradoxically cool glass tile just got a little cooler. Island Stone is stoked to introduce three new blends to the Lava Glass Collection for Spring 2023. These bold additions to our inaugural glass pool tile incorporate unique iridescent finishes to the collection’s undulating surface texture that plays with light in water.

The Lava Glass Collection reflects Island Stone’s commitment to creating tiles that are at the forefront of innovation for wetscapes. The new blends broaden the current Lava color palette to 9 inspiring colors. “Windward Bay” falls in the traditional aquatic color palette, mixing the complementary hues of “Hazy Wave”, “Cool Tropics” and “Deep Flow” to create a sea of blue and green punctuated by breathtaking iridescence.

Elevating Luxury Bathrooms with Island Stone Tile Accent Walls
Luxury bathrooms are meant to transcend functionality, evolving into private retreats that offer a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. However, outdated designs can significantly diminish their allure, making it crucial to incorporate elements that embody both luxury and contemporary aesthetics.
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Elevating Luxury Bathrooms with Island Stone Tile Accent Walls