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#TileTuesday: Impressions Collection Vapor and Glacier Glass Tile

#TileTuesday: Impressions Collection Vapor and Glacier Glass Tile

David Fatula, Island Stone’s resident tile expert, rings in another #TileTuesday by covering the Impressions Collection, Vapor and Glacier, including:

  • How it’s made
  • Where the tiles can be used
  • How to clean and maintain Island Stone Impression Collection glass tiles

Read below for a snapshot, or watch the full video on IGTV.



Making the Impressions Collection glass tiles 

Like all Island Stone glass tiles, we use a proprietary process to ensure our tiles maintain crystal-like shine, elevated quality and durability. We start by running large sheets of glass through a machine to give tiles the desired color and pattern.

Our Vapor tile mimics a Carrara marble, with a creamy white backdrop and grey marbling. Vapor comes in our Palms, Montage, Ripple, Spindrift, Strand (pictured below), Flat Trim, Waveline, and 2”x8” formats.

Island Stone Vapor
Island Stone Glacier

Our Glacier tile is a varied, grey tile that gives a velvety soft appearance to backsplashes, pools, and showers. Glacier comes in our Palms (pictured left), Montage, Ripple, Spindrift, Strand, Flat Trim, Waveline, and 2”x8” formats.

Once the color and pattern are set, we run tiles back through the machine to set the back of the tile with a white layer that protects the decorative coating. The back coating is made with a sophisticated formula that will protect the tiles from cleaning products, environmental factors, and manipulation.

Using a score and snap tile cutter, we then shape the large slabs into various patterns  before annealing (the process of heating the glass up and then cooling it down very slowly) the tiles to ensure extra durability, while fusing the paint to the glass and creating soft, pillowy edges. Once we mount the finished tiles on mesh, it’s ready to test!

How to Use

Island Stone Tile Tuesday Vapor and Glacier

Both Vapor and Glacier are best used as wall tiles for kitchens, fireplaces, showers, exterior walls, or in pool, spa and water features. The only varieties not recommended for pool, spa, and water features are the Palm and Strand patterns.

For custom manipulation, Vapor and Glacier tiles should be used with a score and snap tile cutter or wet saw.



How to Clean

Island Stone David Fatula


Vapor and Glacier glass tiles should be cleaned with pH neutral or alkaline-based cleaners. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia, as well as acidic cleaners. While colored cleaners (like blue-tinted cleaners) won’t affect your tile, keep in mind it may stain your grout!

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