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Palms Glass Cutting Guide

Palms Glass Cutting Guide

Palms glass from Island Stone offers a beautiful tile pattern and design. The unique shape is a bold large-format chevron glass tile that combines fluid wedge shapes to create a design as intricate as tropical palm fronds.

Due to the unique mosaic shape and thin structure of the Island Stone Palms Mosaic, it is integral to follow the below instructions when cutting pieces to fit the installation area.

Cutting Overview

Due to the shape and thickness of the tile, the material is susceptible to chipping at the end of a cut. This generally occurs on the acute angle. To avoid this affecting the installed material it is important to cut end pieces so that chipping occurs on the waste material side of the cut. 

The instructions below will help you make the perfect cut during the installation of your tile.

Step 1:

Separate the full piece into two halves.

Step 2: 

The below pictorial shows the correct direction of cuts on the top half of tile required to finish either the front or back of the tile. The same approach should be mirrored when cutting the bottom half of the tile.