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#TileTuesday: Island Stone for Shower Walls

#TileTuesday: Island Stone for Shower Walls

We’re getting squeaky clean this #TileTuesday because we’re talking about shower and steam walls. David Fatula, Island Stone’s resident tile expert, gives the rundown on:

  • Island Stone products for shower and steam walls
  • The new Patina Collection
  • Glass vs. natural stone applications



When it comes to upgrading your bathroom or spa space, Island Stone has you covered. Almost all of our tile products are suitable for shower and steam walls, with two exceptions: V Tile and our Timber collection. Stone or glass, Island Stone tile creates captivating spaces and is built with quality and durability for showers, steam rooms, and other wet environments.

Shower and Tub Installation

While many of our products can be used in bathroom and spa remodels, their installation will vary based on their use in shower and tubs or steam rooms. For shower and tub enclosures, keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to use a membrane over the substrate
  • Reference TCNA section W244 for best practices
  • Ensure the tiles chosen for these locations have been tested for absorption and crazing resistance

Island Stone products are put through rigorous tests in diverse environments to ensure durability in a variety of uses. In addition, our specialized coating on the back of our tiles allow for the ultimate bond between surface and tile.

Steam Walls and Steam Showers

Because of the specific requirements for sealing a steam room or steam shower, tile installers and designers should remember:

  • You must apply a waterproof membrane on the substrate
  • Ensure the tiles chosen for these locations have been tested for thermal shock and crazing resistance
Island Stone Patina Collection Bright Side

Whether for showers, tubs, or steam rooms, our new Patina Collection is a breathtaking glass tile series that works in all settings. The Patina Collection features five colors - Akoya Pearl, Bright Side (David’s personal favorite!), Champagne, Evening Onyx, and Silver Lining - in a standard, 3.5" X 12" subway tile format. Radiating old-world beauty, the Patina Collection expresses the strength of antiquity while giving a modern edge.

Patina tiles bring more than beauty though. Crafted with Island Stone’s proprietary back paint, it’s one of the only tile products with metallic back paint that can be used for shower and steam walls. Patina glass tiles are also appropriate for interior walls, kitchens, backsplashes, and fireplace walls.

Nearly all Island Stone’s glass tiles are suitable for showers and steam rooms, but let’s talk about natural stone - a much different feat in a wet environment.

Using natural stone is possible and is feasible. Island Stone makes this possible through our commitment to resilience and maintenance. Because stone is more absorbent than glass, ceramic, and porcelain, we work with stone’s natural properties and combine it with our cutting-edge processes to ensure our customers are getting top-quality stone tile that stand the test of time.

The best way to approach stone tile application in wet environments is to focus on proper installation and maintenance.

Always reference the Tile Council for North America Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation, and remember to:

  • Invest in a quality sealer
  • Use pH neutral tile and stone cleaner or an alkaline-based cleaner. Do not clean with acid, bleach, or ammonia.
  • Consider grouting or waterproof membranes for tile patterns that leave gaps for moisture

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