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#TileTuesday: Dimensional Stone for Pool Waterfalls & Spillovers

#TileTuesday: Dimensional Stone for Pool Waterfalls & Spillovers

David Fatula, Island Stone’s resident tile expert, kicks off #TileTuesday by going over Island Stone’s dimensional products and their uses for pool waterfalls and spillovers, including:

  • The Island Stone dimensional product line
  • Using natural stone in a intermittent water environment
  • Dimensional tile installation and maintenance

Dimensional tiles and stones are an extremely popular treatment for water features, and for good reason! Offering elevated hydrodynamics, dimensional surfaces give water features distinctive sound effects and captivating light reflection. 

Island Stone’s V Parallels (top) and Paragon Chevron (bottom) are just a couple of the styles in our collection that are suitable for spillovers and waterfalls

While Island Stone carries a variety of dimensional tile, the below styles are recommended for waterfalls and spillovers:

Many designers may be wary of using natural stone in an intermittent water feature. Fret not, here are the tips you need to ensure your natural stone treatments stand the test of time.

  • Set expectations early: All natural stone products will have slight variation. Ensure your client knows this and embrace the diversity!
  • Follow industry standards: The Tile Council of North America’s Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation sets the standards for water feature and pool installation - and spillovers and waterfalls are no different. Consult this important resource, found at section P602.
  • Leave it to the experts: Invest in a pool maintenance professional to ensure your natural stone is protected through changes in water and weather.

Like many dimensional tile products, Island Stone’s tiles are mesh mounted. Where Island Stone excels is how we place tiles on mesh. We use as little mesh as possible, leaving space for ultimate bonding between the installation surface and the back of the tile. This extra step is critical to ensure product longevity and durability. 

Dave Fatula shows off Island Stone’s specialized mesh placement

When it comes to grouting, dimensional products can have you fooled. Because of the close placement of tiles, grouting is often not needed for exteriors, spillovers and waterfalls. However, we do recommend grouting in shower walls that feature our dimensional tiles.

Once your tile is beautifully installed, attentive care is needed. Build-up and staining is extremely difficult to remove, so it’s crucial to emphasize the need for continuous maintenance with dimensional tile products in intermittent water features.

  • Seal it: Sealer improves performance, protects from chemical and water damage, and reduces overall maintenance. Make sure to use a sealer specifically for water and submerged environments.
  • Maintain it: A surface protectant (different from a sealer) will help thwart calcium and mineral build-up. 
  • Plan ahead: By consulting a pool maintenance professional, you’ll have the tools in place to protect your tile in cold months. Pool professionals can winterize your water feature or help you navigate appropriate freeze/thaw procedures.

Questions about our Island Stone dimensional products? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the tile expert himself at

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