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Tile for Outdoor Living

Tile for Outdoor Living

Discover tile tough enough to face the elements

Add inspired style to your pool area, outdoor spa, patio, exterior walls, and garden water features with Island Stone's outdoor tile. From stone claddings and mosaics to glass tile, there's something for every landscape. 


When it comes to outdoor spaces, rustic stonework never goes out of style. Whether you prefer cobblestone-inspired brickwork or textural stone tile, Island Stone's new outdoor collection has a style for every space. 

For that traditional brick feel, our Briqs quarried stone cladding has an elegant, elongated design that has a soft, intentionally worn appeal. Since this brick-like design can be installed like tile, there's no need for any complex heavy lifting. 

For a more dimensional take, try Dunes, Rustic II, or Crescent Interlock. The subway tile-inspired Dunes profile tile has a trapezoidal design that feels so modern. The Rustic II option has an organic, natural finish, and this tile can be installed horizontally or vertically. Crescent Interlock stone cladding brings a bamboo-inspired effect to any exterior wall.  And Paragon Hex is crafted from quarried stone, and uses surface sculpting to create an angled relief. This tile is SO distinctive and makes for a stunning exterior statement wall. 


Add an organic touch to your garden walkway or outdoor shower stall with pebble-inspired tile. Our new Spindrift design is available in both marble and glass. The stone version has that distinctive, multi-toned marble finish, while the glass option has a bright, satin finish.

For a more natural, rustic feel, our Level PebbleStacked Pebble, and Cobble stone tiles are great for outdoor showers, spas, and fountains. The Stacked Pebble option is more textured, with the pebbles being cut in half and stood up on the mesh backing, while the other styles feature smooth, flat surfaces.


Glass tile is always in style. Though we don't recommend using glass tile for exterior flooring (it gets very slippery when wet!), it's a great option for outdoor accent walls, submerged water features, pools, and spas.

Add a tropical vibe to your outdoor space with our Palms tile - when installed, it creates an on-trend chevron pattern that's so eye-catching. Available in 12 colors in a matte finish and 6 colors in a gloss finish. One of the colors is Lagoon, a rich shade of green with blue undertones, this tile feels fresh out of Hawaii.

For something more traditional (subway tile, anyone), our rectangular Strand tiles can be installed horizontally or vertically to create a timeless design. Each one measures 3.5" x 12".

Our Waveline tile is available in 15 colors in a matte finish and 6 colors in a gloss finish. There is also a mini version available in 10 colors in a matte finish and 3 colors in a gloss there's something for every exterior. This glass tile is perfect for water features, since it's designed to evoke the waves of the ocean.


There's something about mosaic designs that feels so unique and artisanal...and you can bring that feeling to your pool or garden with these options from Island Stone.

We recently introduced two hexagonal shapes in our Glass Essentials tile collection. The 3" Hex one creates a honeycomb-inspired pattern, while the Elongated Hex adds even more dimension. Which do you prefer?

For a neutral mosaic option, try our Montage tile, available in 4 matte finish colors and 6 gloss finish colors. This style uses a collage of distinct, dimensional glass shapes to form smooth tiles. Alternatively, add a shot of color with our Ripple glass tile - it comes in Azure Blue, a vibrant hue inspired by sea glass, along with 8 other colors in a matte finish and 6 colors in a gloss finish.For an organic option, Island Stone's Large Random tile is perfectly imperfect - it's great for patios, outdoor walls, and so much more.



Though all of these tile styles are outdoor-friendly (they can all be used for outdoor accent walls!), some are better suited for exposed flooring versus submerged water features.

For exterior flooring, use our stone options: Briqs, Large Random, Spindrift Marble, Level Pebble, and Cobble

For water features, pools, or spas, use stone or glass: 

    - Stone: Crescent Interlock, Large Random, Spindrift Marble, Level Pebble, Cobble, and Stacked Pebble

    - Glass: Hexagon, Elongated Hexagon, Montage, Ripple, Spindrift Glass, Waveline.


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