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New Year, New Look, New Opportunity

New Year, New Look, New Opportunity

The new logo and merchandising system evoke a mission toward quality and timelessness and a vision toward exploration and innovation.

New year, new opportunity—new brand. Island Stone is refreshing its brand in 2020, with a revamped look and logo along with an ambitious, inspiration-driven merchandising system. The new branding embraces the company’s origins while recognizing its evolution. After conducting a survey with both employees and customers, the company centered its brand on one phrase: Set in Adventure. The term plays on the company’s origins and the fact that tile is installed by tile setters.

Brand Statement:

Anchored in the wanderlust of exploration, culture, and design, Island Stone creates products honoring this spirit of discovery. We set our foundations in stone and continue to evolve our creative use of natural and timeless materials to set our souls and the design world free.

As a leader in pebble tile, the new logo reflects Island Stone's broader product breadth, larger footprint of factories around the world, and, perhaps most notably, its growing expertise and world-first innovation in other tile materials, including glass and outdoor dimensional feature tiles. The traditional, “island” style font juxtaposed with a modern, sleek font pays homage to the company’s origins while emphasizing the company’s growth into new products, and new processes.



“We have renewed energy and investment in the business, so it is a great time to align our logo and brand with a look and feel that better represents us now, and moving forward—in the spirit of adventure in life, design, and business with a taste for style and class,” said Nigel Eaton, CEO of Island Stone. “Our new logo is modern, understated, and timeless—emblematic of both our company and our products.”

Island Stone chose simple, elegant typography for the logo font; graphical corners in the sub mark speak to a corner of a passport stamp, the corners of a compass rose, and a tile being set. The submark compliments the horizontal logo as a smaller, digital icon for social media.

Within the rebranding effort, Island Stone has launched a new merchandising system designed to make it easier for showrooms to sell Island Stone’s wide, diverse product range. A board system, in wall-mount versions and display stands, showcases fully grouted, fully finished tiles alongside project photos that clearly illustrate the products’ look. The boards also include all information a customer would need to make their decision—use details, specifications, and color selections—and the angled boards on the display stands are easier to read and find the right product.

All sample boards and swatch cards feature a QR code that allows for quick lookup of updated information, installation instructions, and additional inspirational photos, making it simple to communicate the look achieved and substantially extends the shelf life of the merchandising system. Color-coding across the merchandising system will be consistent in theme to assist with keeping a large number of products well organized in stands and swatch libraries. 

Simply point your phone camera at the QR code above to be directed to an Island Stone web page link. 

“The new merchandising is a huge step in ensuring our customers have an enjoyable, easy experience,” Eaton said. “Being able to see the tiles, whether our famous pebble tile or our newest Glass Essentials, fully finished and highlighted in their full beauty, will truly help customers be inspired while visualizing all of the possibilities associated with our designs.”