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Must-Have Apps for Interior Decorators

Must-Have Apps for Interior Decorators

Move over, Instagram. These are about to be your new favorite scrolls.  

Whether you’re at the helm of a major agency or working independently, there’s a whole slew of apps for interior decorators. With so much on the market, it’s hard to know which ones will really make your job easier. Luckily, we did the homework and found the top seven apps that sure to simplify and downright inspire your work: 


Chic antiques, vintage treasures, original art — this is a one stop shop for all those finishing touches. This app lets private sellers offer their best, and Chairish ultimately decides what makes the cut. The result is a beautifully curated collection you’ll want to browse all day. 

What we love: There’s always something fresh to discover. With a 1,000 new items added daily, it’s basically like shopping in a new consignment boutique every morning. 

Pro tip: Use the ‘Dress Your Room’ feature to see how an item would look in the space you’re decorating. 

Color Muse 

Prepare to be inspired with this app, which catalogs colors by industries such as fashion and beauty. If you see a hue you love in real life — like a dreamy pink cloud at dusk— just take a picture and this app will find a hue to match it. There’s even an inspiration library, if you need more ideas. 

What we love: Once you’ve picked a color you like, this app will use an algorithm to suggest other hues you might like. It then lets you compare your favorites side by side. 

Pro tip: If you’re working on an older home, you might run into paint colors that have been discontinued. The matching feature on this app can help you work around that, finding a hue that will work. 

Magic Plan 

Snap a photo of your space, and this app will convert it to a floor plan with accurate measurements. If you need to share those with a client or contractor, you can even export those as PDF, JPG and DXF format. 

What we love: With the hit of a button, floor plans can be turned into 3-D models or even 360-degree panoramas. From there, you can layer in new elements or remove others. 

Pro tip: Use the ‘Merge Rooms’ feature if you’re combining two or more rooms in a design project. 

Morpholio Brand

Mood boards, ideas, shopping lists and specs all blend seamlessly with this handy app. Designed for collaboration, this app lets subscribers share work via its network or on social media. 

What we love: Once you’ve perfected your mock-up, you can freehand doodle or scribble on it with the ‘Illustrate’ feature. Then you can share that brainstorm via social media or email, making collaboration a snap. 

Pro tip: Acquaint yourself with Ava, a built-in digital assistant that can turn your mood boards into cut sheets. 


Your smartphone can do a lot more than snap selfies. With this app, it can use augmented reality to measure objects or space. Simply point your camera, and boom — the measurements are there. 

What we love: You can easily catalog all your measurements for future reference. That comes in extra handy when you’re at the hardware store and can’t remember the size of that mirror or dresser. 

Pro tip: This app can be used for so much more than home design. Use it to track your children’s growth, plant an Insta-worthy garden, hang the perfect Christmas lights, or anything else that requires precision. 


Finding Feng shui can mean moving furniture around, a lot. This app helps you create the perfect flow with a few swipes. Using a photo or model of your space, you can play around with different furniture configurations, all without breaking a sweat. What’s more, you can easily layer in carpets, rugs, curtains and more, to get a true sense of how the room will look. 

What we love:  Once you’ve staged the room just so, this app will even generate links to retailers so you can buy all the pieces. 

Pro tip: Beyond decor, this app can be a great way to explore bigger design elements, such as built-in cabinetry or various floor types. 


Why should paint get to have all the fun? This is a digital treasure trove of fabric and wallpaper, some dating back decades. You’ll swoon prints so pretty they practically make any room. 

What we love: You can pinpoint your search based on color, scale, durability, style, and more  — helping you find the perfect swatch. 

Pro tip: Use the QR codes in the memo section to get all the product details, and even to place orders.