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Making a Splash: Top Tiles for Pools

Making a Splash: Top Tiles for Pools

During these dog days of summer, a dip in the pool can be downright dreamy. Especially if you’ve added the touches that take your pool from run-of-the-mill to resort-like. For example, the right glass tile can make water extra shimmery in the sunlight — and a nature-inspired pick can lend a tropical feel. 

Whether you’re about to build your backyard oasis, or just ready for a revamp, here are our top picks for pool tiles. 


Ripple in Stratos Matte 

The curved shape of this tile evokes the ocean, which is a natural fit for any pool. Given the wavelike feel of this tile, it’s ideal for rounded spas and pools. 

While it comes in many colors, we especially like it in Stratos Matte because it reminds us of a seamist. This combination gives a light, airy feel, as evidenced recently at the Palm Springs home that showcased in Modernism Week.



Perfect Pebble in Medan Charcoal

These stones are individually picked for their perfection, creating a flawlessly smooth yet natural surface. We’re fans of the medan charcoal color because it most closely mirrors the stones you find on exotic beaches. Layer in some tropical plants and you’ll have an island escape just outside your door in no time.  





Artifact in Stratos 

This tile adds the perfect pop of modernism to any pool or spa.

We especially like the small, and seemingly random order of the tiles. It creates an eye-catching effect, that looks as if each tiny tile was custom set to fit perfectly together. We also like the stratos variation because the subtle glossy hue blends beautifully with water. 

Rustic Cladding in Silver Quartzitic Slate 

If you want a dash of drama for your pool, this tile will deliver. It’s narrow shape allows you to stack it horizontally or vertically, creating an eye-catching effect. It’s natural, uneven surface of this stone has subtle color variations, adding even more visual interest. 

With easy grout-free installation, the end effect looks like stone has been woven across a wall.

If you see a tile you love, but aren’t sure if it’s safe for your pool, check our usage recommendations, You can find these on the installation guides. And of course, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.