Interwoven Corner 4 pc Set Moonlit Bush Hammered

Product Code: le4C_molicBU

Interwoven panels leverage Island Stone’s sought-after wedge-shaped stones into a format that accentuates the shadows created by the variation in depth between the highs and lows in the pattern.

Complete your project with our Interwoven precut 4 pc. corner set that eliminates the challenges of mitering and create a perfect joint for surfaces that wrap an exterior edge. Our precut corner set dramatically reduces the challenge of installation along with our ledger panel.

The Artistry and Durability of Lava Glass Pool Tiles
Island Stone is redefining the standards of luxury pool design with our innovative Lava Glass tile collection. Built specifically for use in pools, Lava Glass is broadening the aesthetic appeal and color palette of pools to elevate luxury pool design....
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The Artistry and Durability of Lava Glass Pool Tiles