3.5"x12" Evening Onyx Gloss

Product Code: pgr3evenG

Radiating old-world beauty, the Patina Glass Tile Collection from Island Stone expresses the strength of antiquity in a modern subway tile format. Architects and designers can create a variety of patterns with individual 3.5"x12" pieces. Setting this collection apart is a dreamy color collection, made with randomized patterns of abstract speckles and cloud-like wisps.

The collection includes Akoya Pearl, a creamy neutral white with a subtle ethereal glow; Silver Lining, a soft blend of gray, blue, and white with a hint of iridescence; Champagne, a bubbly beige with traces of yellow and orange; Bright Side, a blue and white pattern inspired by the sky; and Evening Onyx, a smoky reflective patinated mirror reminiscent of antique glass. With each unique tile, the interplay of color and light helps to create a dimension of beauty that can only be fully appreciated by seeing it in person.

Additional individual tiles are shown to demonstrate variance. It is recommended that the tile installer layout all pieces prior to installation.

How to see inventory levels of tile products ready to ship
Authorized Island Stone dealers (aka showrooms) have the ability to register for a dealer login and view inventory levels of products currently available to ship from both the east and the west coast Island Stone warehouses. 
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How to see inventory levels of tile products ready to ship