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Press Release: Feeling the Rhythm

Press Release: Feeling the Rhythm



"A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound."

(Watsonville, CA, July, 2017) A fitting description and name for this stunning new addition to Island Stones distinct range of natural stone wall claddings. Contrasting the rugged nature of classic stone wall finishes, Rhythm's precise cut edge and honed, tapered relief, creates an elegant, natural finish. The Rhythms design joins Island Stone's Profile series, a distinct range that combines advanced manufacturing, contemporary design and timeless natural stone. The Profile series represent the cutting edge of modern stone surfaces for walls and Rhythms dual direction, tapering relief modernizes one of our flagship design element.

Rhythms are offered in three exotic stones, each with their own distinct personality. Sandstone Mint offers a classic, consistent light beige hue while Sandstone Grey boast a light steel grey base with swirls of darker hues. Our darkest option Sutra Black is a varied, darker grey slate stone that can be sealed to dramatically darken and enhance.

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Press Release Contact:
Sander Nauenberg
97 Hanger Way
Watsonville, CA 95076
(800) 371-0001

About Island Stone

Our founders were originally drawn to Bali in the early 70’s, by the countries natural beauty, world-class surf, rich culture and incredible art. Years of immersion into the culture cultivate what in the 90’s would become our flagship design of Perfect Pebble tiles. Groundbreaking at the time, the success of this initial foray inspired our group to broaden our designs, which today include glass and stone sourced throughout Australasia. Through it all, we remain committed to our fundamental value proposition: turning incredible natural resources into cutting edge tiles and cladding.

As the current Island Stone range will attest, our designing continues to evolve. Today we source from distinct locales around the globe while our team draws inspirations from design worldwide. Our team has expanded, bringing in additional creative minds, along with others focusing on our unwavering commitment to service and support. 

From far-flung island and deep jungle mountains to your home or building, we are proud of our businesses unique model of responsibly managing every step of the sourcing and production of an Island Stone product. We believe that every stone in every design is a reflection of our company and beliefs and we look forward to continuing to inspire and motivate design for years to come.

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