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New Cobbles Design

New Cobbles Design

We are excited to introduce to you Cobbles and Tundra Sage, our first new products launched in 2015. These original designs are already in stock here in the USA and available for purchase. Below is a quick introduction to these exciting additions to the Island Stone line.


Cobbles broadens our popular Level Pebble look into our unique range of Indonesian marbles. Combining the appealing natural curve of pebbles with a smooth flat marble surface, Cobbles achieves a truly unique look. Simple, yet distinctive, Cobbles are an excellent choices for residential floors in bathrooms and kitchens, while equally a good option for larger scale commercial surfaces.

Cobbles are created by cutting quarried marbles into various sized natural pebble shapes. Each “pebble” is individually created before being hand placed onto mesh to create a “one of a kind” interlocking tile. En mass these individually unique tiles interlock into a seamless natural stone surface.

The distinct personalities of our Indonesian marbles are the defining trait of the Cobble range. While Level Pebbles showcase exclusive Indonesian pebbles, Cobbles branch out further into beige, tan, grey and various blends that are easily matched with classic natural stone and/or porcelain tiles.

Each stone offered in the Cobble range has an established history and rigorous testing to insure complete confidence for installations internally and externally, in cold temperatures and submerged applications such as pools, fountains and baths.

Tundra Sage

Our ongoing quest for sourcing exclusive materials unearthed the new “Tundra Sage” pebble. Named for its distinctive greyish green hue, Tundra Sage is offered in our 12” x 12” Perfect Pebble line. Tundra Sage perfectly balances the dichotomy between natural stone and modern design, offering a hue popular in contemporary interior design.

A hard stone, Tundra Sage is versatile and appropriate for internal and external use with appropriate sealing.