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More Than Pretty Pebbles: Unlock Your Bathroom’s Full Potential with Pebble Floor Tiles

More Than Pretty Pebbles: Unlock Your Bathroom’s Full Potential with Pebble Floor Tiles

Your bathroom floor, an often overlooked space, can transform your ordinary bath into a sanctuary. At Island Stone, we understand the power of nature's beauty, and our innovative Pebble Tiles are the key to unlocking your bathroom's full potential.

Inspired by the timeless elegance of riverbed pebbles, our pebble tiles are meticulously crafted to provide homeowners and installers with a truly exceptional product. By choosing Island Stone's natural stone pebble tiles, you'll enjoy their organic beauty and benefit from a product refined for superior installation and long-lasting performance. Our meticulous construction and calibration process ensures a comfortable, even surface that will stand the test of time.

Desert Oasis Bathroom
Shown: Dunes-Crystal White (Wall) & Level Pebble-Java Grey (Floor)

The Practical Benefit of Pebble Tiles

While the natural variation of pebbles is undoubtedly appealing, our Pebble Tiles go beyond just aesthetics. We've refined the product to ensure superior functionality and installation, offering significant benefits from day one and for years to come.

Our tiles are meticulously hand-sorted and calibrated to fit together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth, gap-free surface. This precise calibration eases installation, avoids uneven surfaces, and provides a polished appearance.

Pebble Medan Charcoal Floor
Shown: Level Pebble Medan Charcoal (Floor) and Nomad 3.5"x12" Just White Gloss (Wall)

The calibrated pebbles create a comfortable, even surface underfoot, while their natural slip resistance ensures a safe and secure footing, even in the presence of moisture. Additionally, these low-maintenance tiles require minimal effort to keep them looking brand-new.

Your installer will appreciate the ease of installation, and you'll enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a well-executed, practical, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Installation Considerations

Proper installation maximizes the lifespan and functionality of your pebble tile. Install it right, and your serene sanctuary will remain durable and resilient for years to come.

Pebble Sea Salt Honed Bathroom Install
Shown: Level Pebble Sea Salt Honed

Installation Tips

  • Unlike other tiles, placing pebble tiles without the traditionally recommended ¼” - ⅜” group gaps is best.
  • Be sure to use grout with a product specified for use in grout joints up to ½.”
  • If you need to cut a tile, use a wet saw equipped with a diamond blade specifically for natural stone. Never dry-cut tiles with a power tool. 


Pebble Birds Egg NaturalPerfect Pebble Birds Egg Natural 

We recommend high-performance, sanded grouts like Laticrete PERMACOLOR Select, Custom Building Products Prism Color, and Mapei Ultracolor plus FA for our pebble products. Always grout a sample first, as the stone's appearance may change slightly after grouting.

Trust Island Stone to provide a product combining nature's raw beauty with refined functionality, ensuring seamless installation and a flooring solution that exceeds expectations – whether creating a spa-like oasis or adding natural elegance to any living space.

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