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Island Stone's Latest: The Celestial Collection

Island Stone's Latest: The Celestial Collection

With tiles this starry, you don’t need to read your daily horoscope - the answers are right within your kitchen backsplash. The new Celestial collection features tiles so cosmic, so galactical, so interstellar that your friends will be calling you space cadet. Subtle metallic bling brightens the depth of this mysterious glass, evoking the feel and spirit of a starry night. 

Because the feature of the tile is in the starry color itself rather than the pattern or texture, it is strikingly modern but not busy; bold yet timeless.

Celestial tiles come in four colors—Moon Beam, Dusk, Dark Star, and Galaxy Blue—each thoughtfully curated to be easy to work with either as a complementary or contrasting feature. The tiles have a gloss finish.

The Celestial collection adds just the right amount of sparkle to both the kitchen and the bath, radiating a hint of glimmer without overwhelming small or large spaces. In the kitchen, the tiles complement the metallic pop of surrounding appliances without dominating the room. The celestial dimension also helps provide a little more depth in small bathrooms while as a subway tile it is also at home in larger bathroom feature walls as the main attraction.

Celestial glass tiles can be used for dry applications and come in 3½” by 12” subway tiles.


Island Stone’s Latest: Celestial Glass Tile